What is idli? The idli Tale

Rettaikili rice idli

What is idli? The idli Tale

The famous south Indian breakfast idli is not even from India. Did you know that? The humble, delicate , tasty and healthy idli was not here in South india until a few centuries ago. 


History of Idli:

As indicated in Encyclopedia of Food History, edited by Collingham and Gordon Ramsay of Britain and The Story of Food , by Heiser Charles B, it was said the Arab settlers who came to India was confounded with respect to what is halaal or haraam in food. So they started to make rice balls as it was not difficult to make and was the most secure choice accessible in the foreign country. In the wake of making the rice balls, they would flatten them and eat them with coconut paste. Later it was developed, and from the eighth century onwards, the idli in its cutting edge avatar came in to appearance. 


First Mention in South India:

The name idli was mentioned in the tenth century in Kannada textbooks and encyclopedias. At that point, the dish was called ‘iddalige’ or ‘iddariga’ and was made with a formula not quite the same as what we follow today. It was made of dark gram flour, buttermilk, and Indian Spices.

KT Achaya, a food historian said that the cooks of Indonesian kings might possess the brainpower behind the innovation of idli. Idliis knownas ‘Kedli’ in Indonesia.


The tale of idli in Tamilnadu: 

Tamils made their own version of it in the 17th-century ad the one we make using black lentils and rice ( is originally from Indonesia . 


Health Factors:

For south Indians idli is a part of their diet routine. But for north and westerners idli is an incredible discovery in food science. Because it is vegan, gluten free and easy to digest.

It offers a lot of protein, fiber, and sugars. Truth be told, when you consume one single idli, you get two grams of protein and fiber and eight grams of carbs. It is likewise loaded up with iron content


The idli survey:

In 2013, a survey named Indian Breakfast Habits Study overviewed different breakfast items nationally. Four significant urban communities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, were incorporated and the survey showed that Chennai had the best supplement profile as perhaps the most widely recognized breakfast thing was idli. 

A survey conducted by Ubereats indicated the most well-known breakfast thing requested is the idli in the app. 

All things said, What stops you now from making the super-soft idlies? 

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