Top 8 uses of rice in a non-edible way

Rice uses

Rice – the main staple food of the world. Not only as a food but also rice can be used in plenty of non-edible ways in our daily life. Read on the more clever ways to use this multipurpose mystic staple grain.

 1. DIY hot /cold bag 

Take a sock and fill it with rice and sew it to shut. Whenever you have sore muscles, place this rice sock in the microwave or on an open pan and heat it for 30 secs. Place it on the sore to relieve the muscle tension. It reduces the pain drastically.

2.Check the oil temperature

We fry a lot of food in our cuisine. But we always struggle to determine if the oil is hot enough to fry. Put a few rice grains in the oil and check if it pops up to the surface to check the oil temperature

3.Do your Knife Rack

If you want to keep your knives sharp without sharpening often, a quick trick is to put a couple of knives in an uncooked rice bowl. The rice will soak up all the moisture from the knife and keep them from rusting.


4.DIY Air freshener

Take half a cup of rice in a bowl and add your favourite essential oil into the rice and give it a nice mix. Tada! your DIY air freshener is ready. Try this DIY air freshener for your room.

5.DIY Bottle Cleaner

We all have those hard to clean water bottles and thermos flasks in our home. Uncooked rice can be a great substitute for bottle cleaning. Pour a handful of rice grains and swirl the grains around with a little bit of soap and water. Shake hard and pour it out.

6.DIY cat toy

The little munchkins of your home the cats can get the DIY toy made up of rice. Fill the old bottle with rice and tight the cap. Give it a try with this toy, your cat will go crazy.

7.Keep your salt clump-free

Place a few grains of rice in a salt shaker or holder to keep it from cluttering up when it’s humid. This is particularly useful in regions where it isn’t unexpected damp outside. The rice absorbs the moistness and permits the salt to remain in its generally expected texture.

8.Sharpen your mixer Grinder blades 

Grind a handful of rice in the mixer Grinder jar for 2 minutes to sharpen your blades back to a normal state.

Let us know which one is your favourite non-edible use?



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