These 13 amazing rice hacks are total game changers

1. It absorbs smells

Place a bowl of rice in the refrigerator or in your kitchen closets. It will absorb foul smells.

2. To treat muscle soreness

Tie hot, cooked  rice in a piece of muslin cloth and apply it to the affected area. It works wonders.

3. For faster cooking

Quite a number of rice varieties, particularly brown rice takes longer to cook. To speed up this process, soak the ricein water for half-an-hour prior to cooking.

4. A drying agent

Accidentally poured water on your mobile. Immediately remove the battery, wipe it dry and leave it in the rice container for 1-2 hours. Most likely your mobile will be restored.

5. To keep the salt-shaker working

Wondered what those rice grains are doing in the salt shaker? They absorb moisture so that the salt inside the shaker does not become damp.

6. To re-heat rice perfectly

To re-heat Rettaikili rice evenly in a microwave, put it in a bowl and cover the bowl with a muslin cloth and then microwave on high for 1-2 minutes.

7. Make it healthier

Instead of boiling  Rettaikili rice in plain water, add in two cups of broth or stock.  Rettaikili rice will not just become nutritionally rich, but will also taste better.

8. For a nutty flavour

Toasting dry rice, especially brown and wild varieties, in a little oil before cooking enhances its nutty flavor.

9. Plate it in style

Instead of making a plain mound of Rettaikili rice on the plate, put it creatively by giving it interesting shapes through cookie cutters and baking pans.

10. Make low-carb rice instantly

If you are on a low-carb diet, you can make cauliflower rice at home and that too in minutes. Wash cauliflower florets and steam them for 5 minutes or microwave them on high for 3-4 minutes. Allow to cool and then run them in a grinder to obtain rice like granules. You need not boil this rice again as it is ready to eat.

11. To ripen fruits

In order to quickly ripen fruits, place them in the rice basket and cover them with some rice. The heat release by rice will ripen them quickly.

12. To prevent the grains from sticking

Adding one teaspoon of oil while cooking toRettaikili rice prevents the grains from sticking to each other.

13. For a glowing skin

Make a paste of powdered rice, milk-cream and honey and apply it on your skin. Rub it gently to remove dead cells. Wash off to discover a smooth skin.


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