Why rice is the wonder grain of the world?


What is a grain?

Grains are the fruits of grass plants. The Small seeds from grass plants that can be harvested and consumed by humans or animals are called grains. Almost half of the grains grown in the world are eaten by people directly.


Is rice a grain? 

Yes, it is! It is a seed of a grass plant and is consumed by humans or animals directly. 


What is rice? 

One of the world’s most-produced grains and feeding billions of individuals is Rice. Numerous cuisines in the world include rice to make their meals full and delectable. Aside from this, it is a significant grain that takes care of the greater part of the world’s population. And there are 1000s of rice varieties around the world.


The History

Oryza sativa was tamed from the wild grass Oryza rufipogon around 10,000-14,000 years ago in the history of human civilization. The earliest remaining grain in the Indian subcontinent has been found in the Indo-Gangetic Plain and dates from 7000-6000 BC. However, the earliest broadly acknowledged date for developed rice is set at around 3000-2500 BC with discoveries in areas having a place with the Indus Valley Civilization.


Right from there, Rice has been simple to grow and cook. Rice is a super digestive food grain for everybody. The mind-boggling story of this wonder grain has been chosen carefully, handled, and checked before being packed for a huge number of clients across the world. The social and historical meaning of the plant binds together various civilizations, reinforcing the ties through shared cooking styles and customs, making it one of the best distinct advantages.


The amazing characteristics of rice are truly adaptable, offering various methods of preparation and utilization.


Why rice is the wonder grain? 


Rice is a wonder grain since it very well may be utilized with anything. It very well may be cooked with and is likewise ground as rice flour that can be used to make various snacks. Rice goes amazing with an incredible variety of curries, side dishes, and soups. Sambar idly ( for Breakfast, Saffron rice( for lunch, Hyderabadi Biryani ( for dinner – this wonder cereal fits properly for any occasion and rehashes cooking styles.


Not only as food rice does wonders in many ways in hair and skin care. 


Rice water contains a significant number of nutrients and minerals contained in rice. Rice water can supplant a commercial conditioner. It fortifies hair, advances hair development, and builds sparkle in your hair. 

Skin : 

 The disposed water of rice can be utilized for upgrading skin wellbeing. Rice water works well against aging that can brighten up your skin naturally. It lifts your skin health and relieves sun-related burns and disturbances.


The unparallel food of the earth, rice plays a significant role in shaping human evolution and now for the skin and hair. Be it as food or a medicine rice do wonder.


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