Is rice fattening? Let’s break the myth.


One of the inexpensive grains to consume is Rice. White rice has more shelf life when compared to other rice varieties available in the market and is easy to cook. That is why Rice has been the staple food of the world since civilization. But nowadays the nutrition role in people is getting questioned because of obesity – a global health issue. Is rice fattening? Let’s break the myth.

Rice and Colors :
Rice is available in the market as a whole and polished. Whole grain means the entire grain with all its color and nutrients intact. Keeping these whole grains for a longer time is quite challenging so as the technology grows, whole grains get polished and refined to a white color. In the polishing method, the rice will lose some of its nutrients but ensures an improved shelf life.

Brown Rice vs. White Rice
Brown Rice
Rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, Brown rice is good in nutrients naturally. The feeling of fullness with a small cup of rice is possible with brown rice. Because of its fiber property. This helps in good weight management and may help with obesity.

White Rice
The refined brown rice is called white rice. As mentioned already, the polishing process lessens the natural nutrients and fiber. The starches and glucose of white rice make it a high-carbohydrate food.

The world staple – Rice
Rice is a staple food for many countries around the globe. But the percentage of obesity in those countries is relatively low. Asia produces 90 % of the rice grains in the world. People in these countries consume rice for their every meal but not much obesity is registered. Eating too much of anything leads to health issues. Rice

without balanced nutrients surely will lead to weight gain. But proper balance makes rice healthy. In Asia, rice is always had with many foods to protect against weight gain.

Is rice fattening?
Weight gain relies upon the piece of food you devour. Every one of the food sources we eat is nourishment rich and advantages us in some of the alternate manners. In any case, it is the amount of food you eat that hurts your weight.

There is sufficient proof to demonstrate that rice isn’t fattening in any way. Everything relies upon the amount of rice you consume in a day. Various studies have shown that serving food in bigger amounts or enormous plates/bowls expands the intake, no matter what kind of food is being served.

To diminish the intake of rice, serve it in a little bowl. Rice can be both fattening and weight reduction well disposed of, everything relies upon the serving size.

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