Mapillai Samba Rice: A Nutrient-Rich Tradition

Red Rice

Mappillai Samba rice in red colour is a native rice variety grown mostly in the state of Tamilnadu. Mappillai Samba is perfect for organic farming as it demands less or zeroes fertilizers and pesticides. Though Mapillai Samba has almost disappeared in the market, now it is seeing a boom in the markets as a nutritionally superior rice variety among consumers.

The interesting Name :

Mappillai means Bride groom, samba means a variety of rice that grows in samba season. In the olden days in Tamilnadu to prove the mental & physical strength of the bridegroom, he should lift a spherical shaped big and heavy rock called ‘ ilavattaKal ‘. The bridegroom will be asked to lift the rock from the ground to his head to prove his physical power. Lifting this ilavattaKal needs more concentration and physical power. To achieve this, the mother of the bride will cook this rice as it is highly nutritious. This rice is said to increase the power of concentration. Since this red rice was given to the bridegroom it is called Mappillai samba.

Health Benefits :

• High in fibre – aids in digestion

• Vitamin B1 – good for ulcers

• Increases haemoglobin level

• Low GI – Good for diabetes

• Provides muscle strength

• Gives instant energy by making blood flow fast

• Improves stamina

• Builds Immunity

• Good for children

• Rich in iron and zinc

The name is RED:

Mappillai Samba is a bowl of traditional red rice widely grown in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala. This red Mappillai Samba is minimally processed which is why it retains the micronutrients and vitamin B complex intact. When we polish also Mapillai Samba will have a reddish tint.

Mappillai Samba – A tasty war:

Mappillai samba tastes great when compared to other white rice varieties. The light and nutty texture of Mappillai Samba offers a plate of tasty war experience in your mouth. This taste is distinct, unique and nutty. 

Mappillai Samba has a wonderful aroma :

The wonderful earthy aroma of Mapillai samba is unique when compared to other rice varieties. 

Mappillai Samba ages like a fine wine : 

Like wine, Mapillai Samba has a century of legendary tradition and heritage. Rice gets improved with its age and exclusively grows in nature on its own giving the special characteristics. 

Mappillai Samba – A super grain:

The high-in fibre Mapillai Samba does good for the intestine and has Vitamin B complex, iron, and zinc. It also has a low GI means that the energy is emitted at a slow and steady rate leading to balanced energy throughout the day.

In Mappillai Samba, the good nutrients are protected and enriched for a better taste and to induce good health. 

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