“Ponni Rice: A Nutritious Choice for Health”

Rajabogam Ponni Rice


Rice, a staple for much of the world’s population, plays a crucial role in meal quality and overall health. There’s a wide variety of rice types available, with rice providing 20% of the world’s dietary energy supply, just slightly ahead of wheat at 19% and maize at 5%. It’s the primary energy source for many countries across the globe.

Many diet plans restrict calorie intake for weight loss. This leads some to avoid rice due to its high carb and calorie content. But should you completely eliminate rice from your diet? Not necessarily.

Ponni rice gets its name from the River Cauvery, referred to as ‘Ponni’ in Tamil literature. Developed in 1986 by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, it’s a hybrid of Taichung65 and Myang Ebos6080/2. While it thrives in the Cauvery Delta, it can be grown in various regions with high-quality water. Ponni rice is exported globally, with significant distribution in Southeastern Asia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Some varieties are suitable for diabetics and are easily digestible.

Ponni rice, especially RettaiKili Rajabogam Ponni Rice, is cherished for its unique qualities. It boasts a delicate fragrance during cooking, and its grains remain separate and non-glutinous, with a distinctive texture and flavor. The name “Ponni” itself means ‘gold’ in Tamil, reflecting its value. Traditionalists insist that the best Ponni rice is grown using original seed varieties in the fertile Cauvery delta. Soil composition, water mineral content, and climate contribute to the rice’s unique qualities.

Incorporating Ponni Rice into a Healthy Diet:

  1. Control Portions: To manage calorie intake, limit rice to one meal and adjust portions based on dietary needs and restrictions.
  2. Pair with Vegetables: Combining rice with high-fiber or protein-rich vegetables can help curb hunger.
  3. Choose Low-Calorie Cooking: Boiling rice, rather than frying or cooking with cream, reduces calorie content.


RettaiKili Rajabogam Ponni Rice stands out due to its commitment to quality and traditional cultivation methods. It is naturally grown and uniquely packaged to maintain its soft and fluffy texture when cooked. This rice is versatile and suitable for a wide range of dishes, from plain rice to delightful desserts. Experience the authentic taste of South India with our premium Rajabogam Ponni Rice.

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