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Rettaikili Classic Jeera Rice

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Discover the captivating aroma and exquisite taste of Rettaikili Classic Jeera Rice. Elevate your South Indian culinary experience with this premium rice variety.

  • Captivating Fragrance: Savor the captivating fragrance of Rettaikili Classic Jeera Rice. Elevate your meals with its aromatic essence, creating memorable dining experiences.
  • Delicate Texture: With its slender and fine grains, Classic Jeera Rice cooks to perfection, delivering a delicate and fluffy texture.
  • Authentic South Indian Flavor: Discover authentic South Indian flavors with Our Classic Jeera Rice. Perfect for biryanis, pulaos, and more.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Enjoy the health benefits of Classic Jeera Rice. Packed with essential nutrients and minerals, it is a wholesome choice for health-conscious individuals and families.
  • Easy to Digest: The nature of Rettaikili Classic Jeera Rice makes it light on the stomach and easy to digest.

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Weight26 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 15 × 27.5 cm

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What is Jeera Rice, and how is it different from regular rice?

Jeera Rice is a flavorful Indian dish made with basmati rice and cumin seeds. It stands out from regular rice due to the aromatic cumin seeds that add a distinct taste and fragrance to the grains.

Can Jeera Rice be customized with additional ingredients?

Absolutely! You can personalize your Jeera Rice by adding ingredients like onions, green chilies, minced ginger-garlic, or fresh cilantro to enhance its flavors.

Is Jeera Rice gluten-free?

Yes, Jeera Rice is naturally gluten-free since it primarily consists of basmati rice and spices, which do not contain gluten. However, ensure that other ingredients used are also gluten-free.